Friday, December 9, 2011

How to win "stuff"

OK I'm trying to think of all the things I've "won" through the years. I use to think I didn't have any luck. Then one of my professors said something that stuck with me. Something along the lines of lucky people see opportunities, and act upon them.  So I decided I should just try and eventually I won a few things here and there. That got addicting. I LOVE free stuff! You can get stuff a number of ways.

Here's a list of things I've won in the past 5 years . . .
* I once won $75 in gift certificates from my local mall on Black Friday. I was also luckily married to the grand prize winner of $1000! (first thing he ever won)
* I've won lots of stuff from local radio stations. Check out their websites and they do lots of raffles. So far I've gotten movie tickets, a wii game, and a 2 night "Staycation"!
* I've won a few things from Shari Criso's My Baby Experts TV show on Ustream. I won a set of her Nurturewear (which I'm currently wearing, SO COMFY) and I've recently won a parenting book from one of her recent guests. Her show is an awesome community of women and every weeks episode I learn something new.
* I won an awesome package of gifts from Mamma's Milk for winning a photo contest they were holding on their Facebook fan page. I got a sling, swipes holder and diaper clutch changing station. They are high quality and I love the diaper clutch changing station. What a great baby shower gift!
*Other Facebook fan things I have won are from Bumkins who have the cutest Dr. Seuss products. I've got a one fish two fish red fish blue fish diaper and tee shirt. I have also won a Thirsties diapers but I'm stil waiting to get that one, and can't wait to review it.
. . . and I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting.

- make a separate email for all those entries
- start liking a bunch of different fan pages
- just sign up for a bunch of "little" giveaways, they add up!

So if you want me to go into more detail please comment and I will take pictures and review them in more depth.  I know many friends have asked me how I've won so much stuff and I know many of you have questions about cloth diapering. Hopefully as you guys comment and get other people to follow my blog I can turn this into a blog that reviews and gives stuff away to my readers. Midnight Mommy is looking for a cloth diapering momma (like myself) to test, review and giveaway some products from Kebbie's Diaper Bag. If there is something I love more than getting things, it would be giving them away to others!

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